I have had the pleasure of working with Andy Romero for over 10 years now, both as an agency executive producer and as a head of production. Without question, Andy is the most prepared, resourceful & collaborative director of photography that I have worked with. His proficiencies & experience in shooting both film and HD for TV & digital mediums, along with his insightful creative approach and attention to detail make him an invaluable asset to any production.

Andy is generally the first call I make when I need to bounce an idea, budget, question or an approach to a job. His collaboration has helped me out countless times and in-turn resulted in productions that have far exceeded expectations. During pre-production through the shoot and even in to the post, Andy always makes sure his work is exactly to spec, communicating all details in a timely, proficient manner.

On set, he is an excellent communicator, having the admiration and attention of the crew. From an artistry point of view, Andy’s compositions are so dynamic, as he always finds the most compelling, creative ways to frame a subject and it’s surroundings. Whatever the schedule, whatever the shot, whatever the budget, you will not find a more friendly, talented & determined director of photography than Andy Romero.

Tyler Smith • Head of Production for North America at VML

Oddly enough, I have a couple different perspectives on Andy Romero. As a director, I find him to be an absolute pleasure to work with. Very much what I would call a “classic” D.P., he’s extremely meticulous about everything in his world so I can focus on mine—which is exactly what I look for in a collaborator. It’s great to be able to discuss big picture with him instead of having to nitpick details. In addition, he always brings fresh ideas to the table (both in pre-pro and on set), but more importantly, his experience and knowledge make him capable of adapting quickly when things change.

The second perspective I have on Andy is as a business owner. One of my absolute favorite things about his is his definitive professionalism. Regardless if it’s a bad client, a bad spot or just bad luck, I never worry about Andy rolling with the punches. And even more amazing, he always has a good attitude as he does it. It’s with these (and many others) thoughts in mind that I can unequivocally recommend Andy Romero.

Dan Gedman • DIRECTOR/PARTNER at Liquid 9

What I have found most valuable about using Andy Romero as a Director of Photography is his ability to balance the art and the science of motion pictures. His eye is impeccable. He has a patient and collaborative way about him that puts directors, clients, and producers at ease. Beyond that, his understanding of the tools and the constantly changing technology has saved me a lot of time on set, and for that, I am beholden.

Chris Weaver • Executive Producer

As much as we all try to button our projects up so nothing can go wrong, things often go wrong. I have spent the last 25 yeas surrounding myself with quality people, who can handle these situations as quickly as they come our way. When you look out across a group of people, scrambling to accommodate the latest twist, it's nice to see faces that reflect a certainty and sense of purpose that comes from knowing your profession and how to effectively apply your skills. Nobody makes that face better than Andy - and nobody is more capable of backing it up. We've worked together on many jobs, large and small. He always knows what it will take to realize the potential of your project, and you can count on him to surpass expectations, without busting your budget. It seems to me, that is the service we're all shopping for.

Mark S. Ciersdorff • Freelance Producer

Andy is passionate about his craft and it shows in his work. In a time when cameras and the technology that drives them is changing and evolving every few months, it is reassuring to have him on a shoot -- knowing that he is well versed in the technology and the equipment — and the quality of his cinematography is excellent. I would recommend Andy without hesitation on any and all types of projects.

Teri Rogers • CEO at HINT (Formerly T2 + Back Alley Films)